David Jansons

After completing my first career I assessed the UK job market, noted skill shortages, identified possible sources to fill the openings and researched the pros and cons of setting up an international recruitment business. I attended a training course delivered by Romney Rawes through the Recruitment Employment Confederation and formed my first recruitment company in 2005. It had one arm focused on the hospitality trade and a second specialising in the rail and renewable energy sectors in the UK and abroad. We went on to be a Recruitment Employment Confederation award winner in 2007, with the ceremony taking place in the House of Commons.

In 2009 I was approached to join an international engineering recruitment company, working world-wide in all sectors within the power industry - a natural progression from my original work in renewable energy. During my tenure there I built the recruitment team and my division within the business quadrupled in size. I was responsible for signing up a number of 'household name' clients and made a significant number of international placements.

Come the end of 2011 the time was right for me to offer a specialised, more personal recruitment service and so Focus Point Recruitment was born. I now provide a more tailored and individual service level than the larger agencies typically provide, utilising accomplished international research teams that locate talent for me to evaluate for my clients.

Meanwhile, my personal development continues and I am in an ongoing mentoring program with Mike Gionta, a leading US based recruitment coach. This provides me with cutting edge strategies not always seen in the UK and bi-annual trips to the USA allow me to rub shoulders and share industry insights with some of the best in the business.