I develop a close working relationship with my clients, acting as a trusted advisor - one who keeps them abreast of the candidate market and, above all, gets the best candidates to interview. My clients recognise that the best people are in work but could be tempted to move, and then turn to me for the solution.

My client accounts are managed personally by me, not a team of contractors or staff who are 'here today and gone tomorrow'.

I have contacts all over the world and an exceptional support team, the essential elements to allow my clients to receive a service tailored to them and their specific recruitment requirements.

I've a track record of tracking down professionals internationally for my UK based clients. Prior to engaging me, for many it had seemed impossible to locate and entice niche staff to their organisation. Additional services include the procurement of senior engineers to C-suite, sales, mergers, acquisitions and non-executive board roles. You could also benefit from our pool of highly qualified contractors. They could be called upon as you require or could bridge the gap while my team and I procure your new permanent team members.

The key to my success is my ability to identify the hard-to-find candidates that match the client's criteria. The calibre of the candidates I put forward is assured through a 25 step process that includes expert questioning, white papers, skilful technical interview and weekly assignment reports.

My team knows where to find the best talent and all of my clients benefit from this knowledge and experience.

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